Tech Tools That Every Teacher Should Have

When it comes to teaching a new generation, you must make sure that you’re on the same wavelength. It’s no surprise to anyone that technology is becoming the newest craze as it’s the most popular way for people to communicate with each other. As a teacher, it pays to understand how essential using technology is going to be to connect with your students. For this reason, we’ve included a nice list of tech tools that you should have at your disposal to ensure your students get the most out of their time with you.

Teaching platforms are becoming essential as they provide a place for students to get assignments and teachers to share performance reviews with their students. There are many platforms that allow you to insert content that can be publicly viewed or just individually viewed by the students and/or their parents. These platforms make homework assignments and grades easier than ever to disperse. There’s no missing paperwork or confusion about when homework is due. You can simply track all of this information within your calendar on the platform. This is especially helpful for involving parents in their child’s assignments and grades.

If you’ve ever been to a college course, it’s likely you’ve seen clickers at work. These are handheld remotes that have specific IP identifiers so that each student can be uniquely identified by their clicker. These sport about four to five buttons like A, B, C, D or 1,2,3,4. Instructors can ask questions and students can easily respond with their clickers. This makes it super simple to collect feedback from your classroom in a matter of seconds as the information from the clicker is wirelessly sent to the instructor’s computer. Instant graphs are developed so you can see what answers were most popular among your students. These work great to check for attendance, get feedback about a lesson, ask test questions, and so much more.

The next tech tool that you must persuade the school board into getting is interactive whiteboards. These make the traditional whiteboard seem like a horse and buggy compared to a Ferrari. Interactive whiteboards can allow you to display images, graphs, or anything you want on the screen. With the use of special markers, you or your students can draw on the images, select other images, or even turn the image upside down. These are extremely helpful when it comes to teaching effectively as your student’s don’t have to wait for you to wipe off the whiteboard and write up the next lesson. In a matter of a couple seconds, the new material can be on the screen and you can continue your lesson.

Technology is a wonderful tool that can help teachers connect with students on an even better level than before. Understanding the right types of technology that you need can be difficult to do with the overwhelming choices that are out there today. The above are our best selections to get you started with some great technology to help you better engage your students for a fuller understanding of the material presented during your classes.