SAT Essays Prompts


SAT essays are the type of articles that requires you to analyze a text. It helps the applicant show an institution that he/she is ready to come to the campus. So what should the SAT essay entail? Let us find out in this article.

What you need to do;

  • Read thoroughly over a passage
  • Provide a good explanation of how the author creates an argument for persuading the audiences
  • Back up your arguments with credible evidence

Is it new?

SAT essays are usually optional, but some colleges will require you to write one.

The essay writing process runs for 50 minutes.

It all your thoughts and you will not be bound to agree or disagree with a position on the topic or writing on your personal experience.

Should I write a sat essay?

It may be optional, but you must write one. You should be serious about them. They are fascinating to write on them due to their engaging nature. They will help you show and improve reading, analyzing, and writing skills that are important for your academic life. Writing an SAT essay will make your college life more comfortable.

An SAT essay prompt

As you read the article below, discuss how the writer uses

  • Evidence like facts and examples
  • Reasoning and building ideas and how claims and evidence are connected
  • Persuasive elements, for example, a choice that appeals to the emotions

The second part of the prompt will appear after going through the article

What to expect in the passage after reading


All the things you will be writing will be arguments that are written for a wider audience. In each paragraph, the author will introduce a new idea and/or evidence and explain to the readers its validity. For example, technology is revolutionizing the banking sector.

You do not need to have any prior information before of the topic. If you know them, try as much as possible to be careful since you are not asked to share it.

The essay

The core things that you should put in the essay are the author’s choice in the presentation of the idea rather than the content of the information that was in the previous paper. You will explain how the author put together an argument and not restating what the case is all about.

The SAT essay measure

The results prove how well you have understood the essay and used your understanding is the basis of writing a well-thought discussion. You are awarded between 1-4 points in the following categories;


Writing a good essay will mean that you understood the article or passage well including using central ideas and key elements


Well detailed shows how you understood well the creation of arguments by the author


Your essay should be organized, focused, and precise in order to be successful. It should be grammatically correct with well-detailed sentence structure.


An SAT essay is not a necessary work but optional. You should however strive to write it to increase your analytic and writing skills. We have discussed the example prompt you should use while writing the SAT essay.